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TomTom LINK 510 - £249.00 + VAT

TomTom LINK 510 is a small device installed in each of your vehicles (along with a SIM Card that we provide).
TomTom LINK 510 allows you to track and trace your vehicles, have two-way text communication with your drivers via their TomTom PRO, and even provide them with navigation coordinates for their GO remotely.
It's as if each of your drivers had their own co-pilot: You!

The TomTom LINK 510 is a GPS-receiver and a GSM-/GPRS-module in one single unit.
Additionally the TomTom LINK 510 comes with an intergrated GPS- and an integrated GSM-antenna and Bluetooth for the connection to the TomTom navigation system.
This compact device makes it possible to transfer current vehicle positions, km-readings, and other information automatically to the WEBFLEET service centre.
Position data are transmitted via GPRS easily and with low costs. If GPRS should not be available, the data can be stored and transmitted when GPRS is available again.

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Web price £249.00 + VAT