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TomTom Fixed Installation Cradle

TomTom Fixed Mount Cradle

Slide your TomTom device in the cradle for a safe and steady mounting, while at the same time charging it and making sure it is ready for use.

Includes car charger, 2A Fuse / Fuse Holder, rotating Swivel mount, screw sets, and documentation.


  • Increased security - the mount is firmly fixed to the dash of the vehicle or a third party mounting block.
  • Within reach of the driver - resolving any issues around mounting the GO unit on the windscreen i.e. distance from driver and obstruction of view.
  • Greater options for the installer regarding the positioning of the Navigation Unit due to the PRO – Link cable length
  • Removes the possibility of tampering by driver due to a molded connection to the mount
  • Easier to adjust Navigation Unit viewing angle because of the torque grip ball and socket joint.