Live Vehicle Tracking from 26p a day


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Plumbing & Electrical

Especially for repair business companies TomTom WEBFLEET offers an important and cost saving telematics solution.

Mobile time keeping is an essential matter in trade business, for example when your employees are at the customers place. With TomTom WEBFLEET you can prove the presence of your employees at the construction site. This feature is important when customers claim your employees had not been on time or at all at the site. In such a case TomTom WEBFLEET means a powerful instrument.

But that is not all, you can use TomTom WEBFLEET also for identification of employees, sending and tracing orders and for the reduction of your communication costs.

Furthermore, TomTom WEBFLEET creates logbooks of your vehicles completely automatically. Those can be sent to you via e-Mail as well without the necessity of being logged on to TomTom WEBFLEET.