Live Vehicle Tracking from 26p a day


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Trakm8 SWIFT is the live vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solution that will revolutionise the management of your fleet of vehicles.

Why Trakm8?

  • Independently rated Europe's No.1 after market vehicle telematics supplier
  • Trakm8 support an installed base of over 90,000 units
  • In over 25 countries
  • With an RMA rate of less than 2%

Why Vehicle Tracking?

  • Pay accurate overtime
  • Reduce wasted mileage
  • Monitor private use of company vehicles
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Increase fleet productivity

Vehicle tracking solutions often have a reputation for complexity. Trakm8 SWIFT Features:

  • Combined hardware, software and airtime, no surprises
  • Rapid 3 wire installation
  • Simple productive functionality
  • One click for all functions